Computer Laboratory Routine / Rules

1.  Prayer - The prayer leader automatically approaches the platform area of the Computer Lab (1/2/or 3) at the start/end of class.

2.  Instruction Giving - Listen to the instructions to be given out by the computer technology teacher.

3.  Logging-in - Students will wait for the signal to log-in after the instructions for the day's activities
have  been given.

4.  No playing of video-games in class.  No watching of videos unrelated to the class sesion . No accessing or             downloading of music,  Please do these activities outside of the class session. . 

5. Headsets are not to be worn without the permission of the teacher and are used only for the purpose of a class     activity. 

6.  No eating/drinking in class.  Drinks which might be knocked down or spilled should be consumed in the hall.

7.  Save your work only within your own labserve account (Drive S:/)

8.  Create a folder within your labserve account.   Second  term work are to be stored in a sub-folder called        

     2nd_2009_2010   or 2ndTerm_09_10.  Abbreviations in the name of the folder are allowed.

9.  Absent members of the class are not excused from laboratory work, seatwork, homework, or quizzes. 

     Students should be responsible enough to know of the work assigned and to submit these or participate in a
`    quiz upon their return.  Any missed activity is expected to be turned in and loaded into the student's labserve
      folder (Drive S:/).

      The teacher is not obligated to follow-up on any missed requirement.  If the missed requirement concerns
      a QUIZ or SEATWORK, the student should seek out the teacher to find out what provisions have been set in
      the event of the missed QUIZ or SEATWORK.

10.  Excused members of the class (due to School Activities) are also not excused from laboratory work,
      seatwork, homework or quizzes.  See No. 9.