2nd Term - Long Test

From November 1 to 7, 2009, a practical test that would be credited as a long test will be administered in class.

The practical test is meant to test your understanding of QBasic commands which would be the coverage for the test.

To prepare for the long test, review using the videos in the QBasic Tutorial Series from www.youtube.com.
(Type "QBasic Tutorial Series" in the search box on the youtube site.  Review videos 1-6.)

Please go over the activities assigned in class.  Both the sample programs fron the video  or the assigned programs in class (hands-on activities) may be covered in the practical test material.

The practical test is meant to test your analysis of QBasic commands and statements as well as  your programming and debugging skills.  Debugging means your ability to recognize incorrect statements and to correct them on sight.

The long test is worth 40 points.  Good luck!