Term 2 - QBasic Hands-on Activity 1
              (QBasic Programming)

(1)  Download the QBasic Compiler, follow the instructions in the Downloads section of this site.
       Extract the QBasic command files into a QBasic folder within the 2nd term folder   
       of your labserve account.
(2)  Go to YouTube.com
(3)  Type a search for "QBasic Tutorial Series"
(4)  Watch the 3 videos titled:
                                                 Tutorial 1:  Hello World
                                                 Tutorial 2:  Printing a Little Math
                                                 Tutorial 3:  Print Formatting
(5) Type out the sample programs and edit/run them.
(6) Create a program with the filename AGE that would generate this output:
<Grade-Section><Class Number>
<Date Created>

I am <computed age> years old.
I am <computed age> months old.
I am <computed age> days old.

Use simple math operations to generate the computed data values.