2nd Term - Advanced PowerPoint - Activity 2

Playing with Sound
- Mouse Over and Mouse Click Activated Images with Sounds. 

Please go to the following site to review the steps necessary for the Mouse Click-Mouse Over activity.  Take note these instructions are to be used if you have version '97 or 2003 of PowerPoint.  Copy and paste the address below to your Internet Browser window. 

If you have version 2007, follow the instructions instead from the file below (activity_2_action_settings_with_sound) to include an action setting together with your sound file and clipart image.

Go to any of the sites below to download and save sound files.   Copy and paste any of the addresses below to your Internet Browser window.

Download the PowerPoint file below to see the result of the instructions.
Create a title slide, a slide with mouse over activated sound images, and a slide with mouse-click activated sound images.  Include at least 3 images for each slide. You may have living things or non-living things for your images.  Remember to include sound files.  You must download the files first to your local disk or labserve account in order to use them in your presentation.
This is an example of what could be done with clipart images and sound files.
Create your own file with the filename:  sound<grade><section><class number> 
Ex.  sound6a1 or sound6b34 or sound6i35.
File Size: 78 kb
File Type: pptx
Download File

File Size: 545 kb
File Type: ppt
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